Greener Ways to Shop Black Friday

Thousands of shoppers eagerly await the arrival of Black Friday to grab big-ticket items and holiday season must-haves at bargain-basement prices. Shoppers who are braving the chilly temperatures of the early morning hours may have sales on their minds, but…

Prevent Frozen Pipes While Traveling

During winter, many people plan vacations to warmer climates so they can enjoy a relaxing respite from the snow and ice. While travelers are enjoying the sand and surf, their homes may be in danger from extreme weather conditions. According…

4 Reasons to Travel More

In addition to eating healthier, exercising more and getting more sleep, many people resolve to travel more at the dawn of a new year. Travel is much more than leaving one's home. It's about setting habits aside, escaping comfort zones…

Tips For a Successful, Stress-Free Holiday Travel Season

Millions of people fly the friendly skies, ride the rails or hit the highway come the holiday season. Such travel can be both expensive and stressful. But holiday travel need not be so costly or tense. The following are a…

Tips For Less Stressful Thanksgiving Travel

People travel far and wide come Thanksgiving weekend. No matter how people choose to travel, many find holiday traveling to be taxing. The motorist group AAA says that roughly 43 million people travel at least 50 miles from home for…

Holiday Hosting How-To: Party Pointers From Three of Napa's Premier Winemakers

The holiday season is about to hit full swing. This special time of year is synonymous with many things, including gatherings with family and friends. Each year, holiday hosts face the challenge of setting their seasonal soirées apart from all…

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