21 Feb

The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

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Thanks to the bevy of online booking sites just a few keystrokes away, many would-be vacationers have taken to planning their own vacations. But travel agents still provide valuable services that savvy travelers know can make the difference between an ordinary getaway and one travelers remember for the rest of their lives.

As tempted as travelers may be to book their own vacations, the following are a few of the many benefits of working with a travel agent when planning your next getaway.

  • Experience: Many travelers want to explore foreign countries or cities they have never visited when going on vacation, and planning such excursions can be a daunting if not intimidating task. Many travel agents specialize in certain countries or regions of the world, and their experience can remove the stress and intimidation from planning an overseas adventure. Even travelers who are not leaving the country can benefit from the services of a travel agent who can share information gleaned from past clients about places to visit and places to avoid within a given city.
  • Support: Travelers who book their own trips via online booking sites or other faceless agencies may have no one to look to for help should something go awry on their trip. But travel agents can be a go-to source should something go wrong with a reservation. Travel agents routinely work with hotel chains and touring groups, and they no doubt have already handled every type of problem travelers may encounter on their trips. That sense of support and security can help travelers rest easier should anything go wrong.
  • Perks: Booking a trip yourself may seem like a great way to plan the most memorable vacation possible, but travel agents often have access to perks that travelers who go it alone are not privy to. Travel agents may be able to arrange for room or car rental upgrades at no additional cost or get their clients reservations at exclusive restaurants where travelers who go it alone will be shut out of. These perks can turn an ordinary trip into the best vacation of your life.
  • Time: Planning your own vacation is a time-consuming process that can seem like a second job. If you want to go that route and still have a memorable vacation, you should expect to spend hours on end looking for the best deals and the must-see places to visit while simultaneously figuring out a plan to get from point A to point B to point C and so on. Travel agents plan such trips for a living and can speak to you about what you want out of a given trip before they spend the time necessary to tailor a getaway to suit your every need.
  • Trends: Even if you do all of your own exhaustive research, travel agents will still likely know more about your potential destination than you will. That's because travel agents are plugged into the industry in ways that few, if any, outside the travel business can ever be plugged in. If you want a truly unique trip that's unlike any your friends or family members have ever taken, then lean on a travel agent who's in the know about the latest trendy hotels or luxury offerings at destinations across the globe.

Many people are tempted to plan and book their own vacations without ever consulting a travel agent. But travel agents are an invaluable resource for travelers who hope their next trip proves to be the vacation of a lifetime. 


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